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Explosive Science - Look no further to appease your child's curiosity! Each month, your child will dive into some awesome science lessons.  From pumping hearts, electricity, and chemistry in the kitchen, your little scientist will be ready to teach you the exciting concepts they learn each week.

P.R.E.P. - Reading and Phonics -Students will learn sight words while exploring concepts such as characters, setting, and other story elements.  Each month's focus will be on Storybook S.T.E.M. lessons to promote higher-level thinking and creativity!

LitARTure - Where can a child go to experiment, imagine, invent, take risks, make errors, create beauty, and have fun? To Little Scholar's LitARTure class, of course! We will read one invigorating, delightful book each week, and then using a variety of mediums, each child will have the opportunity to produce something amazing.  Their creations do not have to be perfect or like anyone else's, to be spectacular or special.  Children are naturally creative.  Our goal is to give them materials, encouragement, a few ideas, and the freedom to climb their own mountain to make masterpieces!

Culinary Kids - Life is full of reasons to celebrate, and we take these celebrations to a whole new culinary level! Join us for some delicious fun while we cook up some treats! Children at this age are curious and eager to get into the action, making this the ideal age to get kids involved in the kitchen. We introduce concepts such as kitchen safety, basic measurement, and teamwork.  We also stress academic skills of counting, color, shapes, and directions.  Specifically, we aim to teach important cooking skills, such as mixing, pouring, wrapping, shaking, spreading, peeling, rolling, and mashing.  

Spanish with Ms. Sophia! 

**Enrollment forms are sent home at the end of each month.