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Our Academics

Our program was developed from a sincere love for children and the desire to aid in their academic development.  We strive to provide a developmental program of activities and experiences through which children can learn and grow in a happy, positive atmosphere. We try to make each multi-sensory learning activity fun and game-like while being challenging but not frustrating. Our program builds academic and social skills, as well as feelings of accomplishment and confidence. 

Each classroom focuses on listening and pre-reading skills.  Students are introduced to phonetic awareness to increase letter recognition and sounds. We also offer an after-school reading program.


We offer engaging experiments and inquiry lessons in each classroom.  Students are also invited to sign-up for optional

after-school activities.


Using Handwriting Without Tears, students are introduced to letter recognition and correct formation. Students also work on fine-motor skills such as pencil grip and begin early writing skills.

Spanish and Sign Language

Students are introduced to the Spanish language and culture, as well as American Sign Language.


Basic math skills including rote counting, sorting, sequencing, measuring, and number recognition are introduced.

Physical Education

We offer Stretch and Grow classes to introduce children to the fun of exercise and play.  Students are also invited to sign up for after-school activities, such as soccer.


Our wonderful music teacher provides engaging lessons which teach singing and music skills, as well as listening skills.

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