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Enrichment Programs

We offer fun and engaging enrichment programs from 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm to extend your child’s preschool day!  Our programs bring out the artist, the scientist, the thinker, and the mathematician that lies in the heart of all the children.  With a curriculum that is devoted to real-life experiences and learning activities,  We want to provide an educational program that captures the child’s mind and the need for self-expression and discovery.  Join one or all! Below are a few examples of our enrichment programs. 

Science Matters - Students can observe, experiment, create, construct, classify, compare, and question. Children are natural-born scientists. They are curious and eager to explore the world and everything in it! It is our job to nurture their scientific spirit! Give your child a head start in learning about the wonderful world of science all while building a passion for learning through fun, hands-on science activities.

Little Travelers - Grab your passport as we gear up to travel to different countries. Focusing on exploring each country through fun facts, food, map recognition, literature, and more! Learning about other countries and cultures will allow your child to understand the world around us.

Hola Spanish - Our Spanish enrichment class allows the children to immerse Spanish as a second language in a fun and creative way. The lessons are built around a monthly theme such as greetings, seasons, colors, shapes, and holidays. This will allow children to engage in simple conversations while incorporating the vocabulary and short sentences learned in each lesson.  We will end our time together with an activity or project.

Fun with Literacy - The preschool years are a great time to introduce so many concepts to lay a great foundation for a love of reading. In Fun with Literacy, we do many activities that promote reading skills.  Throughout the year, we will work on identifying letters, letter sounds, rhyming, environmental print, and writing. Your young readers will become confident in sight words and identifying letters and sounds through a variety of learning methods.

Movement & Motion - Preschool age is significant when it comes to a child's developing body and mind. The class will improve balance, strength, coordination, self-esteem and so much more!.  We will also go over basic anatomy concepts and encourage children's healthy habits. We will have themes games, and a variety of physical activities to make this an engaging and fun experience for all!

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